Our services – available individually or as package

We at ORENDT STUDIOS are experts in what we do for our customers. Our specialised units can be booked individually or as packages. Our focus is on e-Commerce and campaigns. Productions that we operate set themselves apart from others on account of their extreme speed and flexibility – this is especially true when dealing with large quantities of products.

3D Visualisation & Scan

Our 3D experts have the right scanner for each product size: highlights are a product scanner with a bearing load of up to 100 kg as well as a people scanner with more than 90 cameras. This allows us to digitise almost any product in three-dimensional photorealistic quality.

Art Buying

Our art buying is the key interface between customers and creative folk. Here we acquire the perfectly matching photographers, stylists, camera operators, etc., for productions, contracting the best in their field and the hotshots of tomorrow.

Art Direction

We set the highest quality standards for the production of our pictures. Not just technically, but particularly in terms of contents and aesthetics: our art direction develops visual languages and ensures their consistently high quality for brand manufacturers and trade companies.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Visual future-oriented technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are already part of our daily operations. On behalf of our customers we develop tailor-made end-user app solutions for web and mobile applications.

Casting & Booking

The casting unit can draw on an experienced, international booker team and an exceptional database of models – we therefore always find the right face for our customers’ campaigns – whether for fashion, beauty, clothing, sports. Whether actor, influencer, kids or babies.


Our CGI experts refine and stage – via rendering – three-dimensional computer-generated product images for print, video or interactive applications. We also implement set extensions, visual affect or animations in close cooperation with the film and photo post-production team.

Film Production

From product to online image film to major TV campaign. From conception to the shoot, from post-processing to the station copy creation or for targeted support of individual production phases –you’re able to fully rely on our film experts.


Our logistics unit ensures optimum processing and safe handling of the wares that our customers make available to us for image production. It is thus assured that no item gets lost or damaged in transit before, during and after the production.

Photo Production

Whether fashion or the living segment or food. Whether online, mobile, print or packaging: ORENDT STUDIOS produces photos for all application and sales channels. We consistently supply best quality in a short space of time.

Post-Production Photo

Our photo post-production ensures that all of the pictures that our customers have entrusted us with are without exception all of high quality as regards retouching and colour timing – and this with over 4,000 images that we deliver per day.

Set Construction

Every week our set construction unit creates numerous unique studio sets. We make (nearly) all of our customer wishes a reality: the rooftops of Paris? Sure. A terrace overlooking New York? Here you are.

Copy / Text

In times of search engine optimisation, product texts are an essential factor for success in e-Commerce. In our specialised unit that focuses on social media campaigns, we write texts for our customers’ products – as a supplementary solution for the photo and video productions that we’ve been commissioned for. Or independently of it.

Virtual Production

With our 6 x 4 m LED wall, we enable new ways of inspiring product staging for e-commerce. With Virtual Production, we produce high-quality onlocation content in a studio environment and bring top locations worldwide into our in Hamburg.

Live Shopping

The web-based live shopping service is an ideal combination of live video streaming and online shopping. Your customers can join the show at any time and get involved via live chat. Our experts accompany you from planning to live video production and online transmission.

Elevate your brand to the next level

You have further questions about our services or would like to make an appointment with us so that we can get to know each other better? Then we’d love to hear from you.